Energizers accessories

Preventing theft? Or connecting an energizer to the fence or a battery? Look at our accessories. You will find all kinds of practical products to make the job easier and put the right connections in place.

Cut out switch Cut out switch 2
Energizers accessories

Cut out switch

By using a switch, you can divide your fence into several sections and switch them on and off independently of each other. This will also help you trace any faults that occur.
Remote control for the i... Remote control for the i... 2

Remote control for the i Series (M1800i/M2800i)

The i Series Remote Control accurately measures fence voltages and current and finds the exact location of a fence fault quickly and easily. Once the fault is located the energizer can be turned off/ on remotely, to allow safe and convenient fence repair. The remote control is rugged and reliable with a tough, water resistant casing design. Compatible...
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