Conducting wires

Essential for an electric fence is the conducting wire. It conducts the current. Even though the conducting wires look alike, there are considerable differences in price and quality. In addition there are differences in use. The Gallagher range offers tape, rope, plastic wire, Equifence and High Tensile. All different in conduction, durability and design. Choose the right conducting wire for your purpose!

Fence spider (Tumblewheel)... Fence spider (Tumblewheel)... 2

Fence spider (Tumblewheel) (pack of 5)

Move an entire fence within minutes using tumblewheels. The strip grazing system, saves time and is easy to use and leads to reduced grazing cycles and higher yields. Maximum fence height: 0.78m. Move an entire fence within minutes Used for strip grazing to reduce grazing cycle and increase yield Constant power output.
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Conducting wires

Gallagher electric fence tape TurboStar 40mm wide (350m) Terra

TurboStar Tape is a premium 40mm tape which has the lowest resistance available today. It has 40 times better conduction than regular tape and will result in more power on your fence due to 10 stainless steel wires and 4 mixed metal wires. Post spacing up to 6m. The sturdy and breathable features prevent tensioning regularly. Available in green, terra and...
Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus...

Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus (terra, 1000 metres)

The best conducting TurboLine plastic wire for portable fencing longer than 500 metres. The 6 stainless steel wires and 3 light metal wires conduct 40 times better than a standard plastic wire. This TurboLine Plus model is over 50% stronger, does not stretch and is even more clearly visible. It comes with a 5-year UV-guarantee.
TurboLine tape 12,5mm Blue...

TurboLine tape 12,5mm Blue 200m

Strongly conductive tape for portable cattle and horse fencing. Power guaranteed from beginning to end due to vertical stainless-steel wires. The blue colour makes this tape particularly suitable for keeping game animals away from your own animals, because wild animals see the colour blue particularly well.
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